Passive income is something that all service-based businesses hope to achieve. The ability to bring money into your business without having to exchange any time or effort (other than the upfront effort to create it!).

Passive income can create financial freedom when done well and you can add multiple streams as your business grows, but where do you start?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can easily add some simple, low-cost passive streams into your service-based business with ease! Below I share three ways you can get started with passive income without a huge amount of upfront cost, time, or effort.

Passive incomeCanva Templates

If you have skills using Canva then templates are a fantastic place to start. So many business owners use this incredible platform to create graphics and resources for their business and if they can purchase templates that are going to save them time then they are going to be interested!

My advice is to think about two things when look at what kind of template to create:

1. Think about your expertise and what templates you can create that align with the other services that you offer. You can then sell these as stand-alone passive offers and bundle these into other services and offers across your business. A fantastic, versatile product in your suite! If you are a social media manager perhaps some social media templates would be a great starting point. A VA that specialises in Pinterest? Try some Pinterest templates! Stick to what you know to begin with.

Also consider your ideal clients and what THEY need. Are your clients predominantly in the health and fitness industry? Think about what they might need for example recipe templates. If you aren’t sure, ask them! Don’t spend time creating templates that you haven’t established a need for first!

PSSSST – If you would like to upskill in Canva I’m a Canva Certified Creative and Canva Creator and offer several 1:1 and group coaching options to help you!

A pre-recorded masterclass.passive income

This can be the first step on your product staircase and solve an initial problem or pain point for your audience.

Think about the basic tasks and services you get asked for a lot. Can you put together a mini-training that would answer these questions and you could direct people to? Don’t keep giving away free advice, create a low-cost value-packed training to offer them instead!

A Pre-recorded masterclass gives you the opportunity to not only solve a problem for your client but also gives you the chance to showcase your skills and expertise which will build trust in your buyer. A masterclass is also a fantastic product to offer someone if they inquire into your done for you services and their objections are around cost. If you can offer them a solution without having to turn them away then they are going to leave having had a positive experience!

passive incomeSwipe files and practical resources.

Think SOPS (standard operating procedures) email marketing scrips and caption prompts – the best passive products are ones that give that instant win feeling to your clients. Provide them with super useful resources they can implement into their business and see progress straight away to build trust in you and your brand.

These are a valuable resource to create because you can bundle these into programmes and other services you offer as a bonus or added value. Again think about your ideal clients and the things that they would find the most useful. For example, are you working with coaches who struggle to onboard clients effectively? Are they constantly forgetting to do things such as getting contracts signed? Perhaps an onboarding ebook with an SOP, links to tools and resources and a mini training on how to set one up would be useful to them?

(If you’d like some FREE Canva templates to help you create books and guides you can access my Canva Creator profile here! Inside you’ll find gorgeous templates free to all Canva Pro users to help you get a head start!)


Remember when look at introducing passive income:

  • Whatever you create think strategically about how this will fit into your product suite and customer journey.
  • Keep it simple, keep it specific and create it with one idea client in mind.
  • Make it an amazing value for money. People who have purchased from you in the past are much more likely to purchase from you again in the future. If this passive product is their first touchpoint with your business you want it to leave them impressed and wanting more! (You can read more about customer touchpoints in my blog here.)
  • Consider where you want this passive product to sit in your product staircase, it’s usually a good idea to create low ticket offers at first to find your confidence. These are particularly useful if you only offer one tier of service within your business at the moment such as retained hours. Having a lower end offer that solves a pain point or challenge means you have something to offer as an alternative to your done for your services.

Good luck and have fun creating your first passive offers. There is no better feeling than getting your first PayPal ping from a passive product and, once you’ve got your first up and running you’ll soon be thinking about how you can add in more. As your product staircase and business grows so can the value of your passive offers!

If you’d like to learn more about introducing passive income to your business why not book a 90 strategy call where we can look specifically at your business together?

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“Thank you so much for today, I truly feel empowered to take the next step in my business and I am so excited to see what I can achieve in 2021! I am really interested in continuing to work with you, our session today has cemented what I already knew about you and I feel working with you will be a great benefit for me and my business.” – Donna, Virtual Assistant