Knowing what kind of lead magnet to create to attract the right people to your business can be tricky so in this blog, I’m sharing ten high-value ideas for lead magnets your audience will love AND some tips to help you choose what’s right for YOU!

Before we get to the different ideas the first thing I’d encourage you to think about is what the lead magnet is for (as well as to build your list, obviously!)

Things to consider are:

👉 What do you do, and which services in particular at the moment are you focused on selling?

What type of lead magnet and topic is going to be best aligned to that? What problems do you solve for your clients, and how can your lead magnet be the first step of this solution?

👉 Do you have something new in the pipeline?

If so, perhaps your lead magnet could be on a similar topic to help you pre-qualify people’s interests and allow you to start warming your list. If you are going to be creating a series of new newsletter and email marketing packages to support your clients, you don’t want your lead magnet to be offering up Canva tips. Keep it topical!

👉 What IS it you are going to be selling?

How could your lead magnet lend itself to building trust in you and that particular service? For example, if it’s a course, can you help them experience your training style by creating a mini-training, video or masterclass?

👉 If you are going to be selling something and using your lead magnet to generate leads for this – what’s the price point going to be?

If you are going to be launching a course or mastermind for a £1000 investment, you will want more than a one-page checklist as your freebie! 

So, now I’ve got you thinking let’s explore 10 high-value ideas for your leads magnets.

1. Ebooks/guides

Perhaps one of the most popular and versatile lead magnets, an ebook or guide is easy to put together and set up, easy to consume and a great way to make a first impression and leave your reader wanting more.  They are versatile, you can add worksheet pages, imagery, instructions and blank pages for notes to be made and even embed links to give your reader the next steps. (If you want to make your ebook digitally editable you can use pdf escape!).

(If you’d like to create an ebook in Canva, you can access my gorgeous ebook templates here! They are completely free to Canva Pro users.)

2. Mini video training

  • A five-fifteen minute short but sweet mini-training packed with value and actionable tips is a perfect lead magnet for your business. 
  • This gives your reader a chance to see you in action and see if they enjoy your style! 
  • These are ideal if your clients enjoy consuming video content and are limited on time. 
  • Also perfect if training using this medium is something you enjoy and want to showcase in your business.
  • Creating these videos is a good use of time as they can be used in so many different ways across your business!

3. Swipe files and templates

These types of lead magnets are SUPER popular because your reader can start using them straight away! People love anything they feel might give them a head start, remove a block or reduce their workload. Think Canva templates, copy scripts, spreadsheets etc.

4. Checklists

Checklists help people get organised, stay on track and introduce a sense of order to their busy lives. A checklist is an attractive option for people who want to make sure they don’t miss anything and have everything they need for success. Do your ideal clients need to get organised? Would they benefit from this kind of resource? Always remember – think about your ideal clients and what they need.  Checklists are a great lead into offering done for your services as a checklist can help them identify what they might be missing in their business. Your offers and services (if you’ve thought ahead strategically!) could align with the points on the checklist.

5. Providing how-to information

Telling people what they need to do and why they need to do it is helpful, but if they already know that, what might be holding them back is not knowing HOW to do it. What are you an expert in that you could provide a mini-tutorial on? How to or tutorials are brilliant lead magnets to showcase your knowledge and build trust in you as someone who has the answer.

6. Worksheets

Worksheets are a great tool to help people organise their thoughts and get them thinking by asking the right questions.

Think about your ideal client’s biggest challenge and set them some questions that are going to help them work through those challenges and come up with answers, insight and reflections that will help them move through.

Asking the right questions can be a powerful exercise to help people think about things differently and find the answer they need. Worksheets are a great lead magnet for coaches for example and can also be paired nicely with a short training video.

7. Quiz

Who doesn’t love a quiz? And for the most part, it’s because we like to know where we fit and to which group we belong to. A quiz is a fantastic lead magnet and can be used in lots of different ways. They add a fun element to your business and content and, although it can be a little trickier to set up, provide you with loads of useful data about your new subscriber!  A quiz can create a more tailored experience, especially if you serve different content depending on the user’s answers.

8. Roadmaps

Roadmaps are popular lead magnets and great for people looking for step-by-step processes to work through that will help them get results. Roadmaps are strategic plans that outline all the major steps and milestones people need to hit to achieve their desired goals.  Much like the checklist, you can strategically map your support and services to the different parts of the roadmap.  Roadmaps are great for people who are in the foundational stages of something and perhaps are feeling a little overwhelmed at which steps to take and in which order.

9. Challenges

Challenges are brilliant, high value leads magnets and super versatile too! You can run a live challenge, do it in a Facebook Group or via email – whatever will suit your funnel and overall objectives best. Challenges allow you to create multiple touchpoints with your new subscriber, offer high value and deliver content in different formats, all of which go a long way in building trust in you!

10. Calendars and planners

Calendars and planners help people stay organised and are super useful because they have specific time frames for people to follow. This removes an element of overwhelm for them. Think social media calendars and meal planners for example. They are a popular choice because like templates and swipe files they offer inspiration and people can use and implement quickly into their business giving them a feeling of making progress. 

So there you have it! 10 high-value ideas for your lead magnets!

Now all you need to do is consider which will best suit your objectives and intentions! A well thought out, strategic lead magnet can be a powerful tool in your business, so spend some time considering these questions to choose the perfect lead magnet for you.

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