It’s sometimes easy in business to feel like our value is conditional. That our skills and impact is only valuable when things are going well and that it changes depending on the situation or the person we are dealing with. 

Some examples of when you might feel like your value is less could be:

🤔 When potential clients ask for a discount or say that your prices are too high

🤔 When you share a post, but you don’t get the response you’d hoped for

🤔 When things aren’t happening as quickly in your business as you’d like

🤔 When you come across someone who knows more than you

🤔 When you compare yourself to others online charging and earning more than you

Have you experienced this before? 

So, when DO your skills become less valuable? 

Well, it isn’t ANY of the reasons I’ve listed above.

But I bet that’s what it’s felt like in the past?

It’s easy to think that when these things happen, it’s down to how good we are at what we do, but the reality is, your skills do not become less valuable when these things happen.

So, when DO your skills become less valuable to you?

The answer is when YOU believe them to be.

Your skills become less valuable to you when YOU:

👉 can’t see the value in them

👉 don’t understand their depth or impact

👉 aren’t leveraging them effectively

👉 aren’t offering them to the right people

👉 can’t articulate or explain their value to other people

👉 aren’t able to help your clients connect how they’ll help to solve their problems

👉 don’t recognise how hard you worked to gain them

Remember, when things don’t go the way you’d hoped or you don’t achieve the goals you set, it does not make your skills less valuable. 

The value of your skills is not conditional and does not change depending on your success. 

What is dependent on your success is YOU.

✔️ How YOU show up in your business

✔️ The belief YOU have in what you do and the value you bring to your clients

✔️ The knowledge YOU bring to the table

✔️ The Mindset YOU have

✔️ The way YOU choose to frame failure and success

✔️ How YOU choose to respond to challenge

✔️ How much do YOU want it? 

If you truly believed in your skills, yourself and the value and impact you make, what would be different in your business?

  • Would you be more confident in showing up and talking about what you do?
  • Would you understand exactly who you could help and how?
  • Would creating content become easier?
  • Would you procrastinate less and take action more?

From experience, I’d say absolutely, to all of them! 

The truth of the matter is it doesn’t matter how much strategy you have in your business, if you don’t understand your skills, what impact they make and how to leverage them effectively – your business will never reach its full potential. 

Skills work is something I do with all of my 1:1 coaching clients and the difference it makes to their confidence, how they feel about their business and their bottom line is always amazing to see!

Content strategy

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