understand your ideal client's biggest problems

Learning how to understand your ideal client’s biggest problems is one of the most important things you need to do in your business because, when you understand them, you can help solve them!

In my experience when a client has a challenge or problem in their business that’s keeping them stuck it comes down to one, or a combination of these five key things. Knowing which (of which combination of) your ideal client might be experiencing will help you to ensure you are providing services and solutions that appeal.

Below are some further points to help you get thinking!

Time: If your ideal clients are always short on time, what can you do to make things as easy as possible for them to say yes to your support? Can you make your onboarding super slick and streamlined for them so it doesn’t take up more time? Can you offer done for you services that will help them lighten the load quickly? Can your courses or training be short, concise, and to the point to help them stay on track? Most importantly, how and what are you sharing with them to help them see how YOU can help them address this challenge?

Money: If money is a problem for your audience and they aren’t at a point where they can invest in your 1:1 services (either done for you or coaching etc), what OTHER solutions can you offer them? Think e-books, short courses, webinars, group training, masterminds etc.

Confidence & Mindset: If you know that it’s confidence and mindset that is holding your client back how can you support them? Maybe it’s not that they need it done FOR them, perhaps they just need some 1:1 support, strategy or accountability? Maybe you could add a power hour offering to your suite to work WITH them on a project.

Skills & Knowledge: If your ideal clients want to expand their own skills and knowledge, what do you have to support them? Do you offer 1:1 training? Could you create a guide or mini-course that you can add to your portfolio to support these clients?

Desire: If your client has no desire to do something themself and what they need doing is your thing, then your done for you services could be the PERFECT solution here! If this is the problem then you can really play on this in your copy and marketing to appeal to your audience!

As business owners, we’ll all go through each of these blocks and challenges at points. The key is understanding which (or which combination) of challenges your ideal client is facing. Then you can ensure you have the right services and support to help them AND you can talk to their challenges in your marketing so they can see how YOU are the solution to their problem. 

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