Jo Hewson

Creative Virtual Assistant and Marketing Strategist

I was stuck in a rut and not knowing which way to go with my business and through these calls with Claire I have now found clarity and I know which way I want my business to go. Claire is so helpful and supportive and she really helped me to see where I was going wrong in my business, what I should do to help it grow and move forward and with Claire’s help I now have a plan. 

Claire showed me how to package up my services into bundles and not be trading time for money all the time. She helped me to plan out a funnel for my own business, how to generate leads and gave me ideas for what I could offer as a passive income. I loved our calls each week, having someone to talk things through with who had experience in moving a similar business forward was invaluable.  

Claire is amazing and I can’t thank her enough for helping me push my business forward to the next level. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her coaching programme. She has given me the push I needed and I am excited to implement the things she has taught me. I will definitely be joining more of Claire’s training in the future AND will be back for more coaching!