Courses & Group Programmes

Lead Magnets Lists and Levelling Up is a practical ten-week course that will teach you how to use lead magnets to grow your business and build a list of dreamy ideal clients who can’t wait to work with you.

✅ You will learn how to build, set up and market your lead magnet.

✅ Leave the course with a fully functioning lead magnet.

✅ The depth of training means you will leave with enough confidence and the skills to offer this service to your clients if you wish!

This course gives you EVERYTHING you need to get started, from coming up with the perfect lead magnet idea and creating it to building your landing page and writing your email nurture sequence.

Investment £997 (payments plans available).

The next course starts on 2nd May 2023.

The course was very in depth and covered everything you need to know from the first idea and refining that, to building the lead magnet, landing page and emails. Claire provided lots of great resources along the way and gave in-depth feedback at every stage, her support was second to none. The worksheets provided go into great detail covering all the aspects but are really clear to understand and I still refer back to them when helping my clients come up with ideas. I have now done several landing pages and nurture sequences that my clients love. Would highly recommend this course.

The Package Parlour is a ten-week course that’s going to teach you:

✅ The skills and strategies you need to package your services confidently, stop trading time for money and increase your income, even if you have no idea where to start. 

✅ Build more flexibility and freedom into your business

✅ Find the clarity, confidence and courage to step into your superpower skills and start doing more of the work you love with people you adore, all whilst getting paid.

✅ Learn how to pre-qualify your clients, set positive boundaries and stop the scope creep so you can curate the best working environment to thrive.

✅ A practical ‘doing’ based course that gives you the time, space, support and accountability you need to create results.

Investment: £1197

The next course starts in October 2023.

What Clients Said About The Package Parlour

Content to Clarity will help you master the art of using content marketing to grow your business.

✅ Stand out online, be seen and build your reputation as a kick-ass service provider.

✅ Create planned and strategic content that connects and converts so you can sign more dreamy clients.

✅ Stop the overwhelm, procrastination and imposter syndrome when it comes to creating content for your business.

During this 8-week intensive group course, I’m going to help you ditch the overwhelm and teach you strategies and techniques so you can create content with personality and heart that forges real connections and starts conversations.

I will teach you how to attract, nurture and sell to your audience through purposeful, authentic and intentional content so you can stop filling your feed with national cheese day posts and START sharing content to help you make sales.

Investment £447

Knowing that Claire was delivering this course was enough to know it was worth signing up for. Working as a social media VA, it was definitely a course I needed to do. It was great and jam-packed with invaluable content I’ve referred to many times.