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6 MONTH 1:1

VIP Coaching

This six-month coaching package is for women who are ready to take action and see results in their business. For women who are ready to show up as the experts they are and learn how to monetize and market their skills and services to create their next level of profit, fulfilment, and success. 

What's Included

12 x 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions

Over 6 months, we’ll have 12 x 1-hour bi-weekly sessions where, session by session, we will work on your business together. Whether it's your confidence or mindset, your packages, pricing and strategy or your content and marketing - we'll look at it all. Recordings and notes provided.

High-level feedback & review

For the full 6 months you will have access to high level feedback and review inbetween sessions. This can be on any copy (captions, social media, landing pages etc), Canva designs, strategy or planning for example! This means we can continue to make fantastic progress inbetween sessions.

Personal Slack Channel

You'll have your own private Slack channel for us to chat on during our time together. Whether you have questions, need an opinion, a next step, help solving a problem, or an idea, you'll have a direct line to me! 

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Examples of what we can cover:

  • Defining the vision you have for your business

  • Identifying your high-level skills and experience

  • Clarifying your ideal clients, who they are and where to find them

  • Refining your messaging to create powerful content that connects and converts

  • Working on your mindset so you can ditch the overwhelm, imposter syndrome and procrastination that’s keeping you stuck

  • Creating a content strategy to attract your ideal clients and start conversations

  • In-depth social media marketing support

  • Creating profitable packages and services so you can stop trading time for money

  • Diversifying income streams and creating recurring revenue

  • Mapping out your launches, including complete launch strategies

  • Sales strategies and how to create consistent sales in your business

  • Lead generation strategies and how to generate more leads

  • Passive income and using sales funnels in your business

  • Next steps for growth and profit

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