What do you do if your lead magnet isn’t working?

The purpose of a lead magnet is to attract your ideal clients to your business and build your email list by asking for their email address in return for the valuable piece of content you are sharing (via a landing page).  You can then nurture your new subscribers through email marketing to build trust, showcase your expertise and share your offers and services with the aim of converting some of them into paying clients.

But if this isn’t happening, then what’s the point of having one?  If you lead magnet isn’t working then there are a few things that could be the problem. In this blog I’m sharing five of the most common reasons your lead magnet isn’t converting and sharing tips and strategies on how you can start to fix them!

lead magnet1. Your lead magnet isn’t appealing

One of the most obvious and best places to start – Is your lead magnet getting attention and are people visiting the landing page?

You can tell this by looking at the statistics or the report within your email marketing software – it should tell you how many people are visiting your page. If people are’t visiting your page it could be for a number of reasons:

You are marketing it but you’re audience aren’t interested in the topic

Before you created the lead magnet did you conduct any market research to find out what kind of resources your audience might find useful? This is always the best starting point before writing or creating anything.

How to fix it?

If you audience aren’t interested in the topic of your current lead magnet my suggestion would be create something that does! It may be that you could repurpose what you’ve already created and tweak it a little, or you might have been barking up the wrong tree completely and need to start afresh. The truth is, if you lead magnet isn’t of any interest to people, they just aren’t going to download it.

You aren’t marketing your lead magnet well

Like anything, your lead magnet isn’t going to sell itself. It might be that your audience would find your lead magnet appealing but they aren’t being told clearly HOW the lead magnet is going to help them.

How to fix it? 

Focus on creating content that very clearly showcases the value your lead magnet has to offer.  Focus on the benefits it will bring to your reader:

  • WHAT will it teach them?
  • HOW will it help them?
  • WHY will it make a difference to their business?
  • WHO are you are why should they trust you?
  • WHAT experience do you have to back up your expertise?

Think about the way you are visually attacting people to your lead magnet. Can you use a mock up to create a gorgeous, scroll stopping image to attract attention to your lead magnet? Depending on the format can you share short extracts of a training or webinar? Has someone already shared a nice comment about your lead magnet or your work on this topic you could share to build trust in your knowldge and expertise?

You audience don’t know about it! (See point 2)

lead magnet2. You aren’t promoting your lead magnet enough!

One of the most common mistakes I see people make. They create a lead magnet, share it once or twice, and then it’s banished to the bottom of their IG bio and never spoken about again with the hope that it’s going to start bringing in hot new leads magically. Li

How to fix it

Like anything you want to promote on social media, you have to KEEP talking about it and get it across as many customer touchpoints (see blog on this here!) as possible so you can get traffic to the top of your funnel (your landing page). Think about all the places people come into contact with your content – are you regluarly sharing your lead magnet across ALL of them? Remember, only around 1 in 10 people will see any of your posts at a time, that means everytime you post, 9 out of 10 people didn’t see it and so you need to post (in theory) 10 times for each of those ten people to see it!

lead magnet
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  • Think about the different ways you can showcase your lead magnet so you don’t feel like you are repeating yourself.  Not all of your posts have to be directly promotional – why not share a value based posted and make the CTA (call to action) about your lead magnet? That way you can still direct people to your lead magnet without the focus ofthe post being on directly promoting it.  (If you are going to do this make sure the topic of your value vased post is related to that of the lead magnet!)
  • Think about the different touchpoints in your business – your blog, email, social media channels, your FB group, IG stories, reels, IGTV – share your lead magnet across all of them, and not just once!
  • Make it evergreen and put it where you get traffic – you IG, FB and LI bio, front and centre on your home page in your email signature. You’ll be surpised when you start thinking about it and realise sharing it once a month on your social media just isn’t going to cut it!

lead magnet3. Your Landing Page

By now, hopefully, we’ve established that people ARE visiting your landing page. If this is where the traffic is getting held up, then it’s your landing page that’s the problem! You can find this out by looking at your conversion rate to compare how many people visit your page vs the number of people that go on to fill in your form. If people are hitting the page and clicking away (called your bounce rate), you know where you need to make changes.

Top tip – don’t get caught up on the industry standards on landing page conversion rates. Focus your energy on consistantly improving yours!

How to fix it

If people are visiting your landing page but then not signing up to your lead magnet there are different things to consider:

  • Your title – this needs to be super clear so the person visiting the page knows EXACTLY what your lead magnet is about
  • Your copy – is this benefit driven, are you telling your visitor exactly how your lead magnet is going to help them and what different it will make to their business. How is it going to make their life easier?
  • Your opt-in form – is this easy to find and above the scroll? People don’t want to have to spend ten seconds scrolling to the bottom of the page to find it. Make it front and centre and you can have it on your page a few times!
  • Your imagery and design – is your page inviting? Is it branded? Does it include a visual of the lead magnet so they can get a glimpse of what they can expect and to tempt them to download it?
  • Your call to actions – are these clear and relevant to your audience and lead magnet? Can you try personalising them to give your page some personality and character?

If your landing page isn’t converting re-visit each of these sections. Top tip! Don’t change them all at once or you won’t be able to see what is helping you improve? Learn from the data so you can create better landing pages in the future!

lead magnet4. It’s going into their spam folder

If people sign up on your landing page, but then your first email open rate is very low, this likely means your email is going into people’s spam folders. They are signing up because they are interested, so if they aren’t opening your email, perhaps it’s because they don’t see it (or they aren’t getting it so test your automation!)

How to fix it

Make sure you remind your visitors to check their spam folders on your thank you page and use the double-opt-in forms when you set up to help with this (this means that people have to go into their email to confirm their subscription. This massively helps emails get into their inbox in the future!).  Other things you can do to help ensure you don’t end up in the spam folder include:

  • Connecting your domain in your email marketing software (look in the FAQs for more information on this!)
  • Don’t use spam trigger words in your email subject lines, words like free, discount, money or promotion.
  • Don’t spam people and send too many emails – if people mark your emails as spam this will impact your emails moving forward

5. Your Email Nurture Sequence

If the lead magnet is drawing people in but then your email open rates are dropping off, you can be sure it’s your email sequence that needs some work. (You will be able to see the open rate for each email in your insights. It’s normal for a decline in open rates as your sequence progresses, but if it’s dropping off completely, you have some work to do!)

Getting people onto your list is one thing, understanding how to nurture them and build trust through email is another – but super important!

How to fix it

  • Check your open rates for each email – is there a huge dip on one of the emails? If so think about testing a new subject line for that email and see what happens – is there an improvement?
  • Is your copy engaging and interesting? Is there too much of it so it might be putting people off reading it?
  • Consider how many emails you need in your nuture sequence. Are you sending emails for the sake of sending emails? Can you make your emails super valuable and send fewer of them? Your open rates will naturally get lower so don’t keep all your best stuff or your main CTA to the end of the sequence or you are reducing your chances of people seeing it.
  • Are your links getting click throughs? Try making your call to actions bigger and bolder, change the position so they are easy to spot, think about your copy, are you making it worth their while to click through by explaining the benefits to them?

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