The key to building a business you love?

Unlock your potential, leverage your skills and understand why being different IS your superpower.

Virtual Assistant


I'm Claire

I'm Claire

and I help women build happy businesses that make them the money they truly desire, in a wholehearted way.

If you’re ready to leave behind the overwhelm, the social narratives (and the clients!) that no longer serve you and instead embrace the powerful, quietly courageous woman who I KNOW is waiting for her time to shine… welcome!

You are going to like it here.

My Story

I know how it feels to lurk in the shadows and feel like you aren’t enough. Two years ago, I was a VA earning £15 an hour and working 50 hours a week with a two-year-old in tow. I was at capacity with multiple retainer clients and a prolific people pleaser. On the outside, everything looked great. ‘You’re doing so well!’ people would say, but in reality, I was drowning.

I hadn’t had a day off in 2 years, and I felt resentful, unfulfilled, and undervalued. I was terrified of raising my prices, found it incredibly hard to say no (to anyone), had no boundaries in place and was mainly fuelled by copious amounts of tea, biscuits and self-doubt.

I wasn’t like the people I saw on my social media, and I didn’t fit into that online space. I couldn’t ‘compete’ with the amazing women who all seemed to market themselves so flawlessly and be earning the big bucks. I just felt so inadequate in comparison and like a total failure – it took me right back to the school playground and kept me standing still for a long time.

But after a while, I realised, fitting in and competing wasn’t the key to moving forward. The key to success was leveraging my fantastic skillset, believing in and knowing the value that I provided AND, understanding how to share that with the world in a way that felt authentic and aligned to me.

I realised that being different and not fitting in WAS my superpower...

and to build a business and life I loved, I didn’t need to CHANGE who I was – I needed to OWN it and have the courage to do things differently. In the words of Brene Brown, I let go of who I thought I was supposed to be and embraced who I was!

And the results have been amazing. I’ve nearly tripled my income and HALVED my working hours doing the work I love in the last two years. My clients are thriving; I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and the best bit? It’s all been on MY terms.

And I want to help you do the same because no amount of strategy will help you unless you know what you have to bring to the table. That’s why now, I leverage my knowledge and experience to help amazing women like you build a business they love with confidence and ease.

Forget about the ifs, buts and maybes. It’s time to shed what isn’t working and take away the self-doubt around growing your business because I KNOW you’re a quietly courageous woman who’s waiting for her time to shine. That time is now!

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