3 Ways to improve your content so you can attract your ideal clients, starts conversations and makes sales.

Content is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal in your business. 

And great content is about so much more than just some words, a pretty graphic or reel.

They are merely the vehicle your use to share your message.

What makes content great is the intention and weight behind the words. The value they bring to your audience, the message they share, the emotion they evoke and the trust that they build.

So in this blog, I will be talking about three fundamental things that will help you create better content because, if you can start to work on these things, I guarantee that your content will improve and start working more effectively for your business!

The whole point of creating content is to help you achieve your goals, but unless you know what they are, how will you achieve them? More importantly, how will you create content that will strategically help you move towards them?

So before you sit down to write any piece of content for your business, you first want to identify your intention in creating it.

For example, is your goal at the moment with your content (as a whole or considering a single piece) to:

Build your audience and attract more of the right clients to you

If so, you might want to focus on sharing valuable content (showing your expertise and knowledge, why is this an account they want to follow and learn from?). You want to share content that builds trust in you as an expert, ensuring your audience knows who you are, what you do, who you help, and what services you offer.

Encourage more engagement

If you want to encourage more engagement with your content (comments, likes, shares and saves), then you want to create content that invites conversation. This could be through storytelling, asking your audience questions, or inviting them to share their opinions, thoughts, stories, problems, ideas and goals with you. For example, you can focus your strategy on using more interactive features such as polls, quizzes and question stickers in your stories. To encourage engagement, ensure you are asking for it! Remind your audience to comment, share, tag a friend or save the post and give them a reason to!   

Sell services or products

Obviously, looking at the overall picture, you want all of your content to help you make sales, but there are specific types of content you may want to focus on during sales periods. This type of content is heavily focused on converting a prospect (your warm audience) into a customer (paying clients).  This type of content is where you will focus on sharing the benefits of your services, addressing the problems your ideal clients have and how you are a solution. You can focus on letting people know what working with you is like, how working with you works, address any potential objections clients have and let them know why they should work with you (your differentiation). Sharing case studies, social proof, client testimonials and reviews etc., are also good types of content to help build trust in you as a provider and help people take a step towards working with you.

Knowing your goal with a piece of content will help your content be more focused, clearer and easier for your audience to understand! 

You need to know who you are talking to because if you try to sell to everybody, you won’t sell to anybody!

Knowing your ideal client helps you create content that they connect with on a deeper level. It also helps your audience pre-qualify themselves as your ideal clients, meaning that more people will reach out to you.

To create more powerful copy and content that speaks to your ideal client, think about the following:

🤔 What are their challenges – how are these showing up in their business and life?
What emotions are they experiencing because of these challenges? What wider impact is that having?
What are these challenges stopping/preventing them from doing?
🤔 What do your ideal clients and audience want? What are their goals?
🤔 What do your ideal clients value? What’s important to them?
What do they need help with?

If you aren’t sure, do some market research and ask them! Listen to how they talk about themselves, their businesses, their goals, and the problems they are having – this language is so important, and you can use it in your content and messaging to help your content resonate.

Once you have learned more about your ideal client, you can start to work on refining your messaging.

👉 Refining your messaging means, you are able to cut through the noise and create content and captions that people read and resonate with.

👉 Refining your messaging will help you get to the core of what you want to say and help you say it in fewer words.

👉 Refining your messaging means you understand your ideal client so deeply that you can speak directly to them and make them think, ‘how does she know that?!’ or OMG, that’s EXACTLY what’s happening and how I feel!

👉 You know who you help, how you help them and why and you can tell someone in one concise sentence (with confidence!!)

👉 You know what your superpowers are, and what impact you make, and you can show up with confidence and clarity about what makes you different from your peers – when someone asks you what makes you different from others, you can tell them!

Having clarity in your messaging means, you can better use YOUR true voice and allow your personality to shine through in your content, so people know it’s you before they see your name or picture!

These three elements are the key to creating better content. Content that will help you attract more of the right clients to your business, build trust in you, your brand and your services and make more sales.

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