Creating a brand identity can be tricky and it can take time! There are lots of variables to consider and not just the visual elements such as your logo, fonts and colours.

When you are your business (for example a stand-alone service provider and not an agency etc) one of the most integral parts of creating a brand identity is to ensure your own personality shines through in all that you do.

Your content is your opportunity for people to get to know you and your business and it’s vital that this is a true reflection of who you are. Not only will this help to build trust but by shining your light and being yourself, you will organically attract more of the right people to your business!

So adding personality to your content is important to create a brand identity. But how do you do it?

Below are five ways to help you get started:

content marketing strategy1. Talk about the things you are passionate about

I know when I’m talking about something I really care about people can tell. I get animated, I get excited and that is infectious. People pick up on this natural energy because you can’t help but be more of yourself when you are talking about something you love. You will also come across more naturally, speaking about something you love or care about will give you confidence and purpose.

content marketing strategy2. Use your voice and write as you’d speak in person

When was the last time you said ‘Kind Regards’ to someone in person as you left? If you write as you’d speak in a normal conversation with someone this will help your personality shine through and support you in being more authentic in your business. Are there certain words you always tend to use in real life? Certain phrases, mannerisms or words? Don’t feel pressured to write in a certain way because that’s how everyone else does it. If you wouldn’t call people babe in real life then don’t do it online!

content marketing strategy3. Incorporate the things you love and let your audience in

Whether this is in your graphics, your content or in your branding, incorporating the things you love will help people really get to know you. This doesn’t have to be all the time and you don’t have to tell people everything about your life, but choosing three or four areas you are comfortable sharing can really help people get to know you on a personal level. For example, I regularly talk about my love of fresh flowers and share my weekly flower delivery, music and the types I enjoy listening to, my pets (and my cat who regularly interrupts my zooms!), being in nature and in spirituality. Sharing stories about these areas of my life helps people get to know me and my personality. They feel let it on a personal level and this can lead to amazing conversations and connections with people.

content marketing strategy4. Tell stories to establish your brand identity

When we tell stories, we are able to connect with our audience in a very special way. Stories help capture attention and compel a person to keep reading. Stories allow us to use emotion to connect with our audience and we tend to find our natural voice when telling our own stories. Stories can be powerful and can be used to inspire, motivate or empathise. Stories help you connect with your audience on a deeper level giving depth to what you do and your why.

content marketing strategy5. Align your brand values to your personal values

If you are able to combine your personal values into your brand values people will really start to understand what is important to you and why. An example of this for me is showing up with integrity. Integrity is a very important value to me both in my personal life and in my business. Kindness, again this is something that runs through both parts of my life. Lifelong learning, this is something I am passionate about not only for myself but also in empowering others to access.

Ensuring my personal values are aligned with my brand values allows me to feel like I am showing up authentically and I truly believe this has supported the success of my business to date. So think about what is important to you and how are you reflecting this in your business?

If you feel your content is lacking your personality why not take one of the points above and see if you feel inspired? Why not make a list under each point of some ideas you’d be happy to share and talk about?

If you want to shine in a crowded space then my best advice is to just do you. Because there is only one you, and so no-one can ever compete with that!

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